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Message from President Gloria Middleton


Welcome to the new CWA Local 1180 website. It's been a long road to get to this point, but one that's been a labor of love for our membership. As a union, it's important to have one place where our members can turn for important news from the Local, the Benefits Department, the Retiree Division, and the Training Division. With all the information we post, our old site was just too cumbersome to navigate. With tremendous planning and coordination, we are excited to bring you our new site. We hope you will take the time to navigate through it carefully and take advantage of the one-stop shopping with easy content access. Outreach to our membership is just as vital to our continued growth as is your support and involvement. Take a look at the "Get Involved" section of the site and see what interests you most. Remember, all new websites come with some glitches. If you run across a link that isn't working, or would like to suggest a possible addition to the site, please contact us.

Having just completed my first year as President of this great union, I am proud of our many accomplishments. As part of the organized labor movement, we have not only fought back all outside attempts to destroy us, but we have succeeded ... and thrived. We are a foremost voice in the New York City labor movement, and have positioned ourselves as a leader, not a follower. We are #strongertogether -- mostly thanks to our members who are committed to remaining part of the Local 1180 family.

Who We Are

CWA Local 1180 began its existence as the Municipal Management Society (MMS) in 1954, and was the first “union” of New York City supervisory and administrative employees. In the early 1960s, when public sector organizing exploded and other City workers were making significant gains through collective bargaining, MMS members decided that they too needed to be able to negotiate collectively in order to advance their interests. They signed up the necessary majority of workers, and in 1965 they voted to join the Communications Workers of America. Just two years later, in 1967, with CWA's assistance in overcoming a few obstacles, Local 1180 became CWA’s first public sector local.

Today, Local 1180 remains one of the largest public sector locals of CWA, representing more than 9,000 active members and 6,200 retirees. Union membership is overwhelmingly comprised of women, women of color, and other minorities. Most work in one of the dozens of New York City Mayoral agencies, while others work at H+H, Board of Education, Housing Authority, Transit Authority, School Construction Authority, and the state's Unified Court System. As administrative and supervisory workers, our members process payrolls, manage computer systems, monitor contracts, pay vendors, supervise front line staff, and in general, coordinate a whole host of other City functions that go unnoticed. We are the hidden human infrastructure that makes the New York City work.

Local 1180 also represents workers in the private and not-for profit sectors. Working closely with the Union, members at several locations represented by Local 1180 now have contracts for the first time. They have a voice on the job that enables them to collectively bargain wages, benefits, and working conditions.

From the newest to the most experienced worker, we learn from each other and work together to make our union stronger. Local 1180 is the backbone that supports our members in advancing their careers. When we stand as one, we have the strength to fight for what’s important — fair and decent wages, good benefits, safe working conditions, and stronger communities.

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An executed agreement in our EEO case against the City of New York has now been submitted to the judge, meaning we have crossed one extremely important hurdle toward the road to justice for our Administrative Managers.

There are myriad next steps in the court process that must be adhered to, but our attorney has already put them into motion so we can get to the finish line as quickly as possible.

We will be holding another meeting with Administrative Mangers toward the end of April, early May, to inform everyone of the specifics, distribute documents, and have our Admin Managers sign the notice documents that night. Those who do not attend the meeting will receive the documents in the mail.

We MUST have 90% of 1,600 class members sign and approve the settlement before the Judge will give her final approval. As soon as preliminary approval from the court has been received, pertinent letters and dates will be filtered out to those members involved.

We are going to move the process along as expeditiously as possible, but we do not have any control over the court system. Therefore, members should not expect to see any payout before the end of the year.

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