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Teesha Foreman

Teesha Foreman is one of CWA Local 1180’s Staff Representatives. She has been an employee of the City of New York for more than 17 years, beginning her career in August 2000 as a secretary with the New York City Housing Authority. She never expected to be with the City for the long haul, but five-plus years later, she was appointed to her first civil service position as a cashier with NYCHA.

It was then that Teesha decided to give her career with the New York City Housing Authority a real chance. Teesha set four-to-five-year promotional goals, which she achieved going from a Cashier Level 1 to a Cashier Level 2 within three years and was then promoted to a Principal Administrative Associate Level 1 within two years. In September 2011, she became a member of CWA Local 1180. Teesha began attending General Membership meetings and in doing so, she would bring the information back to the members she worked with. After a few years, her coworkers at her site saw how energetic and organized she was about the union, and they encouraged her to run for Shop Steward. Teesha has always been passionate about helping, encouraging, and empowering people — all qualities and skills you need to be a great Shop Steward. In 2015, Teesha was elected Shop Steward at NYCHA’s 90 Church Street location.

She became even more active in Local 1180 activities where she would advocate for her members. In January 2016, Teesha was promoted to Principal Administrative Associate Level 3 with the Technical Services Department in Long Island City, once again achieving her four-to five-year promotional goal.

Teesha is determined; when she puts her mind to something, there is no stopping her. Teesha went on to become even more active in the union. She became a strong activist participating in the “Runaway Inequality” training, and completed and received her certificate for the first year of the 2016 Clara L. Allen Leadership School, a joint educational effort between CWA District 1 and Cornell’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations, The Worker Institute. She is also a graduate of the NYS AFL-CIO/Cornell ILR Union Leadership Institute.

Teesha strongly believes, “If you don’t know, learn; if you do know, teach.” In these trying times as unions are under attack, Teesha is excited to be part of the solution.