Kevin Hynes

Kevin Hines has been a Staff Representative for CWA Local 1180 since 2013. He has been an employee of the City of New York for 33 years.

Kevin began his City employment with the Human Resources Administration in November 1986 as an Eligibility Specialist. Two years later, in January 1989, he began to supervise when he was a Principal Administrative Associate. After attending many General Membership Meetings and getting involved with Local 1180, he saw a need for other members to stay knowledgeable about union activities, so he ran for Shop Steward and was elected. This was a position he held for six years before becoming a fulltime Staff Representative. 

Kevin has participated in Runaway inequality Training, and received his certificate for the first year of the 2010 Clara L. Allen Leadership School. He graduated from the NYS AFL-CIO/Cornell ILR Union Leadership Institute and the Cornell University Advance labor leadership program.   

Kevin says that one of the great joys of being a Staff Representative is being able to help other members.