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StoryCorps Workers Continue the Fight

On October 23, 2018, StoryCorps members led a picket outside their organization’s annual fundraising gala. As donors walked up to the event, they were greeted by fliers and a strong picket, chanting, “Dave and Robin hear our call! Two percent is way too small!” and “What’s disgusting? Union-busting! What’s outrageous? StoryCorps wages!”

StoryCorps staff were joined by former staff members, 1180 private and public sector Shop Stewards, 1180 President Emeritus Arthur Cheliotes, as well as union allies from Newsguild-CWA, the National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians-CWA, Writers Guild of America, East (including Thrillist Union, The New Yorker, Sesame Street, Gizmodo), UAW 2865, UAW 2110, UFT, DC37, RWDSU, CUNY Law Labor Coalition, and the Democratic Socialists of America.

After the gala action, management made some movement at the bargaining table. But their proposals on wages, healthcare, and retirement are still not enough to make this work sustainable. To show their commitment to a fair contract and frustration with the pace of negotiations, workers organized a walkout. They read the statement below to Robin Sparkman, StoryCorps CEO, and then left the office (or their remote locations, where workers joined via social media in their union t-shirts).

We, the workers of the StoryCorps Union, did not unionize to maintain the status quo. We demand higher wages for all of us, better quality and more affordable health care, and guaranteed retirement funds.We demand meaningful proposals from management – proposals that will make StoryCorps a more equitable and sustainable place to work. That’s why we’re walking out today as a group and choosing to take a 15-minute break together now.

To support StoryCorps, follow them on Twitter @StoryCorpsUnion, Facebook /storycorpsunion, or email Dave Isay (disay@storycorps.org) or Robin Sparkman (rsparkman@storycorps.org), StoryCorps’ founder and CEO, to let them know you support the workers in their fight for a fair contract.