Member Testimonials

I signed up for several classes (word, excel, outlook and access).  The classes are a great opportunity for individuals to get knowledge and understanding of different programs.  By learning these computer applications I can further my education and get a NYS certification.  Education and knowledge is power.

Beverly Terry, PAA 1

Department of Finance

I registered  for the Workplace Computer Skills classes on Saturdays starting February 2, 2013 to June 22, 2013.  It includes Excel, Access, Outlook and Word.  We have also received some knowledge on PowerPoint.  I use Excel at my workplace but only knew the basics.  These classes have been very helpful and knowledgeable.  I recommend these classes to everyone who wishes ro advance in computer skills.  Looking forward to the NYS  Certificate for Microsoft Office 2007.

Madeline Seda, PAA 3

NYC Department of Finance

This class (Workplace Computer Skills) is remarkable; the additional tools and techniques I've mastered in Microsoft Word; Outlook; Excel, Access and PowerPoint are instrumental, and useful at both work and home.  I thank the union for offering this valuable training, and Kimberly Patrick-Barker for providing the comprehensive and essential lessons.  Thank you. 

Myrta K, CATS, DSS

I am now on Stage 3 of learning - Aware of what I don't know.  Thanks ever so much for this Pre-Retirement Planning Seminar.  I have names and contact numbers for all aspects of who I need to talk with to ensure a good transition into retirement. 

Sylvia Way
, PAA, NYC Police Department

It is important for all Local 1180 members to be active in funding their retirement.  The Pre-Retirement Seminar provides members with a worls of information on the steps members can begin to take to find out about all of the options available to them prior to retiring.  I recommend all members take advantage of the seminars available to them through the union.  It's never too early, or too late to plan for retirement.  Migdalia Rosado

Take the Pre-Retirement Seminar a year, preferable two years before retirement.  Very informative.  Puts your mind at ease and makes you start to plan. 

Debbie P. & Margaret P.

I love the management series in the Making the Transition to Management that I am participating in.  It helps to clarify how and why managers think the way that they do.  It demystifies some of the ambiguity I have always felt that hovered around managers and management as a discipline within itself.  My iinstructor, Ms. Linda Somers, is patient, kind, professional, and quite the communicator when delivering content and having the class break up into groups to discuss how we would solve problems if we were in charge. 

S.W., PAA, NYC Transit Authority

Everyone in the union should attend these sessions (Pre-Retirement Planning Seminar).  Plan ahead.  Don't wait.  The information given was so helpful.  Things you would not think of at retirement.  Plan, plan, plan. 

Teresa W.

Thank God for these classes. They (Pre-Retirement Planning Seminar) were so informative.  May of my co-workers' union don't offer classes like these.  I share everything I've learned with them.  The instructors were great. 

Donna Redman

The union offers Pre-Retirement classes.  Plan ahead!  You should attend these classes.  They are very informative.  You shouls prepare for your future.  All your questions are answered. 

Carol P.

It has been my privilege to upgrade my knowledge as it pertains to Computer Literacy, and CWA has provided me with that opportunity.  The environment is friendly and the instructor, Mrs. Kimberly Patrick-Barker, is absolutely delightful.  I actually look forward to Saturday mornings.  I am enjoying my course and upgrading my life at the same time. 

S.W., PAA, NYC Transit Authority

I thought that I was going to retire in May 2013.  After attending these classes, I realized that I am not ready to retire.  I learned about the benefits and what's needed when I retire.  Thank you for this information.

G. Johnson,

The Pre-Retirement Seminar is about planning and preparing before you retire.  It is a very important and valuable tool that gives you the information to prepare you before you retire.  This class will give you worksheet to plan how much money you will need to retire, budget sheets and it also a proactive class.  The instructors are very knowledgeable, informative and they have a great passion to tach us.  I would advise all members to attend this seminar if you are preparing to retire soon or even if you're not.  Come to the class to prepare yourself to make sure you are on the right path.  You might reconsider your retirement after coming to this class.  You may not be ready financially to leave.

S. Moore,

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