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Too often clients seek our legal advice because a relative, old or young, has become incapacitated and can no longer handle his or her own financial affairs. Unless that individual has executed a Power of Attorney, a costly, and often lengthy, legal proceeding to appoint the client as his or her representative for making financial decisions is required. If the disabled individual has executed a Power of Attorney appointing the client as his or her Agent, no legal proceeding is required, and the financial affairs could easily be handled by the client, without interruption. Your legal services plan provides you with a consultation with an attorney, and the drafting of a Power of Attorney, at no charge!

A Power of Attorney is a document by which one person, known as the Principal, appoints another as his or her agent, known as the Attorney-in-Fact, and confers upon that Agent certain power and authority, as is set forth in the Power of Attorney. It can be effective immediately upon the signing of the Power of Attorney and can grant a broad range of power and authority - this is known as the General Power of Attorney. If it grants only specific powers, then it is known as a Limited Power of Attorney. It can remain effective if the Principal becomes disabled and can no longer handle his or her affairs - this is known as Durable Power of Attorney. Or, it can become effective upon the happening of a specified event to occur in the future, such as the Principal becoming disabled - this is known as the Springing Power of Attorney. Whichever is chosen, the Principal can revoke it at any time, while he or she is mentally capable of making such a decision, and it is done in writing. A Power of Attorney automatically terminates upon the death of the Principal.

A Power of Attorney is a useful, legal document. Consult a lawyer through the CWA Local 1180 Benefits Fund to discuss whether it can be a beneficial tool for you or a family member in insuring financial independence in the event of a disabling event.
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