How to file for Reimbursement

  1. Step 1: Prepare
    If a piece of mail comes in from CWA Local 1180, NYCERS, GHI, HIP, Empire, Your Insurance Company, Medicare, CMS, or Expresscript, open the mail, look at it, read it.  
    b. Now you can decide if you should save it or shred it.  If you do not quite understand what it says (as you know, sometimes companies use many words to say something very simple), call to talk to the retiree benefit advocate and get clarification.
  2. Step 2: Sort and Save. 
    a. Save any Explanation of Benefits for Medicare Deductibles that you receive from HIP, GHI, Express Empire or other insurance carrier.  Also save any statements that show your co-payments. Put them in a folder.  (Not your cancelled check or credit card statement)
    b. Keep statements from Medicare.  It’s called the CMS Medicare Summary Notice and is sent to you each time you have a medical visit or test.  You will several by the end of the year.
    c. Save the Cover Letters and Explanation of Benefits for any prescription drugs you are taking. The cover letter comes from your plan ( HIP GHI-Expresscripts Aetna )has your name on it and it will say something like “Your Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage” or “Part D” or something like that.  The Explanation of Benefits will list each drug you took and the amount you paid.  Save these papers. (The benefit office will not accept drug store receipts or printouts from CVS, Pathmark or Walgreen’s drugstores.)
    d. Save your pension stubs.  When you get your pension check each month, put the stub in the folder.  If you received twelve pension checks, you should have twelve pension stubs.  Put them in a folder.
    e. If you get your pension put in by direct deposit, save the quarterly EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) Statements.  You should have 4 by the end of the year.
    f. If this is still confusing, just open all the mail – take it out of the envelope, clip them together and put them into a folder from the agency it came from.  For example, everything from Medicare in one folder, all pension papers in a folder, everything from HIP in a folder, etc.  
  3. Step 3: Time to Separate and file
    a. Get your pre-printed forms sent to you by the union with your name on it.  If you don’t have one, go online to download one or call the union to have one mailed.
    b. Start with the prescription drug form.  Get the form and everything you have collected in the folders.  Pull out your pension stubs, quarterly statements or yearly itemized printout from NYCERS.  Also attach to the Prescription form your prescription statements from your health plan. Add them up to $1500 and clip them together.
    c. Go get your General Medical Reimbursement form.  All of the receipts over $1500 are automatically carried over from the Prescription Form. Also attach any statements from your health plan to show co-pays and deductibles that were paid by you or your spouse.

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