Frequently Asked Questions:

Retiree FAQ

  • What documents do I need to file for my Prescription Reimbursement?

    • 12 pension stubs, if you do not have direct deposit
    • 4 quarterly statements, if you have direct deposit
    • Prescription history from health plan carrier
  • What is Medicare Part A and B?

    Medicare Part A covers Hospital benefits and Medicare Part B covers Medical and doctor visits.
  • What if I do not have all my pension information?

    You will have to call New York City Retirement System (NYCERS) to request a statement for the year. The telephone number for NYCERS is 347-643-3000.
  • How do I sign up for retiree events?

    To register for any event, call the Retiree Division at 212-226-5800 and say that you would like to register for an event.  You will be connected to a staff member that will take your name and tell you that you are registered.  At that point, you will be told what (if any) fees should be sent to the Retiree Division to pay for the event.  At times we will make additional seats available if there are many members on the wait list.   If you are prompted to leave a message on the answering machine, you will receive a confirmation call indicating that your call is received.  There is no need to leave multiple messages. 
  • Can I bring two guests?

    We allow members to bring one guest as a courtesy as we know that many retirees need someone to travel with to and from events. Bringing two guests knocks out other members from possibly attending and that just wouldn’t be fair.  Additionally, everything that we do costs money and is not free (even though it is often free for members).  The Retiree Division is a benefit to members, bringing another person is giving your benefit to a non-member.
  • When am I getting my pension check? Or I didn’t receive my pension check.

    Local 1180 manages your supplemental benefits.  If you have questions about your pension call NYCERS at 347-643-3000.
  • Why can’t you answer questions about the Retired Members Chapter?

    The Retired Members Chapter has a different staff and schedule that the Division.  The groups are not connected. For more information about the Retired Members Chapter click here. 
  • Why don’t you offer any classes in the boroughs? Everything is in Manhattan and I don’t live there.

    Because the Retiree Division offices are in Manhattan and this borough has the most transportation in and out, events are classes are offered here to improve accessibility.   Although we would love to, it would become financially prohibitive to offer classes in each borough.
    Borough meetings are offered twice per year in each borough including Long Island and Westchester in order to provide outreach and activities to members that no longer venture into the boroughs.

  • What is Medicare Part D and why do I have it?

    Medicare Part D is the Medicare CMS prescription plan for all Medicare eligible members. The coverage that you will have is either through the Union or NYC Health Benefits with the high option rider. Both of these options are considered credible coverage. You do not have to elect the coverage; you will automatically be enrolled by having one of the two options.
  • How can I get legal advice?

    The law firm of Mirkin and Gordon, P.C. provides legal consultations to members and retirees of CWA Local 1180.  There are many ways for retirees to access legal services.  Attorneys are available several times per week at the Retiree Division for private consultations.  Simply call the Benefits office at 212-966-5353 to schedule an appointment.  Additionally, attorneys are available at each borough meeting. No appointment necessary.  Mirkin and Gordon, P.C. also provides phone consultations for homebound retirees and holds other sessions within their offices for added convenience. 

  • I am currently active and still working. How can I get a Retirement Package?

    If you are retiring, call the Security Benefits office at 212-966-5353 to request your package.
  • Can I bring a guest to an event?

    As a courtesy, you are permitted to bring one guest. Oftentimes, retirees may need to travel with another person.  Please indicate that you are brining a guest when you RSVP so that we can be sure to have the proper amount of seats and food available.

  • I loved that class, why can’t we have it again?

    We are thrilled to hear that and this means that we met the goal of the Division which is to expose members to interesting programs and activities.  Understand that classes change frequently to offer variety to the programming in the Division. 
  • Why do we keep the seats behind us on the bus empty?

    On all bus trips the seats on both sides behind the staff are kept empty in the event that we need to move a retiree that has mobility issues or may need to be closer to the front for one reason or another.
  • What is the difference between club membership and benefits membership?

    The Retired Members Chapter is a membership organization from the Local.  The Retiree Division is a benefit offered to all retired members.
  • I received a retiree membership form, where do I send my check?

    Send the form to CWA Local 110 Retired Members Chapter, 6 Harrison Street, NY, NY, 10013

    This is for the Retired Members Club for CWA Local 1180.  This group is different than the Retiree Division which is a benefit to all retired members of CWA Local 1180.
  • I just got my calendar and I called immediately, how can the trip be sold out already?

    The Retiree Division provides programs and events to over 4000 members located in the City of New York.  There are many events that are limited based on tickets and seats available.  Sometimes other people get their mail before you and call before you.  The new website can alleviate this to the degree that members check the website after the 15th of every month to see what new events are coming up.
  • Can my sister/friend take the class with me?

    No. Since classes are a benefit only your spouse is allowed to participate. If you travel with a Home Health Aid he/she may sit in on classes with you but may not take the class.
  • Why don’t you have buses in the boroughs bring us out to the events?

    While we would love to do this, the financial expense involved in having buses is each borough would break our budget.  New York City offers many public transportation options that make transportation throughout the city accessible.
  • How do I pay for retiree events?

    Send a check or money order to CWA Local 1180 Retiree Division, 6 Harrison Street, NY, NY  10013.  The Retiree Division does not accept cash or credit cards.
  • What subway train do I take to get to the Retiree Division?

    Members can take the 2 or 3 train to Chambers Street then walk one block north up Hudson Street to the Retiree Division.  Click here for an interactive map.
  • Do I have to take Medicare Part B?

    Yes, in order for city benefits to supplement the Medicare approved charges.
  • Do I have to take Medicare?

    Yes! When you become Medicare eligible at 65 (or under 65 due to disability) then Medicare is primary coverage and your city health insurance is secondary. If you have an HMO, your benefits will pretty much stay the same, but you still must take Medicare A and B.
  • I’ve already taken all of the classes offered in computer. Why don’t you offer another level?

    The Retiree Division offers classes, workshops and programs to interest retirees and enhance your retirement. We are thrilled that you have been an active participant and we have introduced you to something new.   If you have an appetite for more, we encourage you to pursue your interests at any of the numerous programs offered throughout every community.
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Directions & Accessibility
The Retiree Division's entrance is located at 97 Hudson Street in Lower Manhattan. We are in the building of 6 Harrison Street (with the Local and the Benefit offices) on the first floor.  Click below for turn by turn directions from your home.  Be sure to check if you are traveling by public transportation or by car.  
Click here for full directions & accessibility.
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Contact the Retiree Division
Out of Area: 1-800-801-2882
Mail: CWA Local 1180 Retiree Division
           6 Harrison St.
           New York, NY 10013
Office Location: 97 Hudson St. NY, NY 10013
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