October 18

Directors Column

October 2018 

I am honoring our 10th month with a listing of ten important benefits often overlooked by 1180 retirees. See how many you are getting.  10. Reimbursements- You know that you have benefits through the union but are you taking full advantage of them? Do you file for reimbursement for covered out of pocket prescription and general medical costs, as well as podiatry & mental health counseling?  9. Dental – Yes, I know that the rates are not high and we are working on that, but you can make the most of it in any case.  Are you using a panel dentist and asking questions about the treatment that is being recommended & provided? Don’t let them do anything and then hand you the bill. There are many treatments that are considered cosmetic when there are   alternatives that are covered as a real dental procedure.  Sometimes a provider may try to lead you to a process that could be helpful but not necessary.  Also, several health plans now offer a limited dental services. Check your plan.  8. Health Insurance Plan Additional Benefits - in addition to health insurance and sometimes dental, your health insurance may cover optical and wellness services like nutritionists, health club fees, and seminars.  Call your health insurance plan and ask for a list of covered benefits. Sometimes these are included at no cost and sometimes they are included in an Optional Rider to the policy that can have additional costs.   If you are having high out of pocket costs (especially prescription) an optional rider may be cost effective option. 7. Prescription Drugs- are you making the most of it by using generics and the mail order option which can amount to a huge savings.  If you are using the card through American Health Care, there are several preventive medications that are available at no-cost.  6. Optical – because of the need for function and want for fashion, upselling in the vision industry is rampant.  Just because the store offers a certain selection of frames or coatings does not mean that you need to accept them.  Decide what you are willing to pay and ask questions to understand what your benefit covers and how you can get your needed glasses to fit the desired cost.  It’s fine to spend your well-earned cash for what you like, but don’t file a complaint against the store for overcharging when you asked the clerk to bring you the most fancy frames and lenses they had. 5. Legal – Yes you know about getting a will and power of attorney and stuff like that, but did you know that your legal benefit also will handle review of contracts, tenants’ rights issues and elder care planning?  It’s nice to have a son-in-law who is happy to assist you, but it’s also nice to call your own attorney at 1180 to ask legal questions that are important to you without anyone knowing all of your business! 4.  Veterans Benefits – besides your pension and the VA hospital, there are other benefits that you may be entitled to like caregiving and spousal benefits. 3. Spousal Benefits – are you cashing in on the benefits from your spouse’s employment?  If you are widow/widower you may still be eligible.  Ask. 2. Current/Past Employment – Lots of benefits there… call and ask. 1. Retail/Dining/Travel – There are literally hundreds of discounts and services to people over 60, at stores that you frequent every day.  These discounts are not always advertised.  Ask at the counter so that you get the best deal. Ran out of space here but remember, you can’t get what you don’t ask for! Stay in the know!











Octo 18
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