Directions to CWA 1180 Retiree Division

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Members who take MTA Access-a-Ride should make arrangements to arrive at 97 Hudson Street.  Please note that the office opens at 8:45am and closes at 5:45pm.  If your pickup is scheduled after that hour, plan to have the driver pick you up at 6 Harrison Street (around the corner) were there is seating a 24 hour security staff.  For more information, contact the office for specific arrive/return times for events. 
Click here for MTA Access-a-Ride.

A parking lot is located across the street from the Retiree Division.  

The Retiree Division is accessible to wheelchair users and other visitors who need to avoid stairs. Accessible entrances are located at 6 Harrison Street, NY, NY, 10013. 

There is one elevator in the building that can access the 3rd floor where the Security Benefits office and Computer Classes are located as well as the lower level of the Retiree Division where workshops, classes, and special events take place.  The 1st floor/Office of the Retiree Division is not accessible by elevator but is on the street level for easy access.   

Most of our trips are on buses and unfortunately are not  Please call 212-226-5800 for more information. 

Personal Aides and Helpers
The Retiree Division welcomes those who come to assist members who need a little extra help.  As a rule, the Division allows one person to come as an assistant.  The Retiree Division will regard this helper as ‘a guest’ of the member.   In the event that there is a fee associated with the event, it is expected that the member will cover all related expenses.  Additionally, it is expected that he helper abide by all of the rules and regulations of the Retiree Division and to conduct him/her in a professional manner at all times.  The member is ultimately responsible for the behavior of this guest.  
The Retiree Division does not employ any staff member in this capacity and in the event that any special needs are necessary, it is expected that the member will make his or her own personal arrangements.  

Trips and Events
The Retiree Division provides programs and events for retirees of varying skills and abilities.  Whenever possible, trips will be arranged with the highest level of accessibility.  Read the details of each event and call if your require more information to determine if the event meets your comfort level of activity.  

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Contact the Retiree Division
Out of Area: 1-800-801-2882
Mail: CWA Local 1180 Retiree Division
           6 Harrison St.
           New York, NY 10013
Office Location: 97 Hudson St. NY, NY 10013

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