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 1.Mayoral Agencies     May 22   
 8.Staten Island Borough Presiden      May 22
 2.Health Hospital Corporation(full Time)     May 22  9.Queens Borough President     May 22
 3.Health Hospital Corporation (Hourly)     May 22 & May29    
 10.Staten Island District Attorney      May 22
 4.Bronx District Attorney     May 22  11.Queens District Attorney     May 22
 5.Bronx Borough President     May 22  12.Comptrollers (tentative)     May 22
 6.Brooklyn District Attorney     May 22  13.NYC Department of Education     May 22
 7.Brooklyn Borough President     May 22 

Still Awaiting  Confirmation of Pay Date
NYC Housing Authority
Manhattan District Attorney
Manhattan Borough President
NYC Transit Authority

1180’s Important Milestone in Journey for Justice for Administrative Managers

We have reached an important milestone in our Journey to Justice for our Administrative Managers and all who will become Administrative Managers in the future. On Monday, April 6, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) released determinations, in response to complaints filed by Communications Workers of America Local 1180, finding that there is reasonable cause to believe that New York City has violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Equal Pay Act of 1963 in its employment of Administrative Managers. Read more

NY1 Online: President of CWA Local 1180 Talks Fight to Get Wages for City Employees
By Inside City Hall Wednesday, April 8, 2015

NY1 VIDEO: Errol Louis talked to Arthur Cheliotes, president of CWA Local 1180, about his fight to get wages for city employees, who claim they were denied fair pay. Watch video

EEOC Issues Probable Cause Finding That NYC Discriminates Against its Employees
Recommends City pay $246 million and make corrective reforms

New York Post
New York Times
New York Daily News

Get to Know our Partner in Higher Education -- The Joseph Murphy Institute

Learn more about their programs in Urban & Community Studies, Labor Studies, and Workforce Development. You are invited to their Open House on Monday, June 1, 2015, at 6:00 p.m., at 25 W. 43rd Street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues on the 18th floor. 

  • The Murphy Institute is where 1180 Members can go to:
  • Finish College – Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees
  • Get Professional Certificates
  • Build Leadership Skills for our Union and Communities
  • Receive Academic Skills Support and Advising
  • Explore Additional Scholarship Opportunities

Read about our own 1180 Member - Jeyakumary Jeganathan – and her journey of academic success!

Remember, Local 1180 will cover tuition for 24 designated credits and fees (Urban or Labor Studies related) and/or $200 per semester plus activity fees. We know it’s a good investment for us — it’s time to invest in yourself. For Program and June 1st Open House details, click here.

Good News For Labor: Obama Rejects NLRB Restrictions

New federal rules designed to expedite private-sector union elections will stand, thanks to President Obama, who reversed congressional action with the stroke of his pen. Obama said the changes, recently made by the National Labor Relations Board, are needed because they make it easier for workers to join a union. “One of the freedoms of folks here in the United States is that if they choose to join a union, they should be able to do so,” he said. “And we shouldn’t be making it impossible for that to happen.”

President Obama also praised unions for helping to establish fair labor standards, eliminating child labor and improving wages and benefits for all workers. 
The GOP-led Congress in early March blocked the NLRB rules, which are opposed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other business groups. On March 31, President Obama signed a “memorandum of disapproval” overturning the congressional decision.

The new rules are intended to “streamline Board procedures, increase transparency and uniformity across regions, eliminate or reduce unnecessary litigation, duplication and delay, and update the Board's rules on documents and communications in light of modern communications technology,” the NLRB said when it first proposed the rules in 2011.

The Senate 
voted to reverse the NLRB rules the same day that California RN Brenda Crawford, a UNAC/UHCP member, testified the rules are needed to keep employers from dragging their feet and foiling workers’ desire to organize for better pay, benefits and quality of life.

Obama also announced that the White House this fall will host a summit “on increasing the voice and the rights of workers here in the United States.” Pointing to a recovery that has benefited mostly the people at the top while the middle class struggles, the President said we should “give workers the capacity to have their voices heard, to have some influence in the workplace, to make sure that they’re partners in building up the U.S. economy, and that growth is broad-based …”

New York City Deferred Compensation Plan Processing Schedule for May 22, 2015 Paydate
Important: The Plan has an automated system for enrolling and making account changes.
To Join the Plan: Enrollment in either the 457 or 401(k) Plan can be done online at nyc.gov/deferredcomp or by submitting an Enrollment Form which can be obtained online or by calling the Plan’s telephone voice response system at (212) 306-7760. If you are a new enrollee, please note, you cannot select “single payroll deferral” as your first deduction. Therefore, you may wish to change your deferral percentage beginning April 22th for all future paydates after May 22, 2015. Read More

Local 1180 Members Overwhelmingly Ratify New Contract
Local 1180 members have overwhelmingly ratified the MOA by a vote of 4723 in favor to 93 opposed. The ballots were tallied by the American Arbitration Association (AAA), which conducted the ratification vote by telephone and via the internet. Votes were counted on March 6, 2015, at 10:00 a.m. The Union has sent a notification to the Office of Labor Relations notifying them of the ratification and requesting that they take immediate action to guarantee the prompt payment of increases and retroactive pay under the MOA for all agencies employing Career and Salary plan titles covered under the MOA.  

Local 1180 will continue negotiations on non-economic issues and provisions in the MOA on gain sharing and career opportunities and will report back to members with any further updates. Thanks to all those who voted in favor of the agreement.

Update on Anthem Cyber Attack
You are probably aware that Anthem, Inc. publicly reported that it was the victim of a cyber attack. Initially and most importantly, since this incident did not involve data possessed by the Fund, it is not required to take any action. According to Anthem, its initial investigation indicates that the member data accessed in the attack included names, ID numbers, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and employment information, including income data. Anthem advised that it took immediate action to secure its data, contacted the FBI, and retained the assistance of a cyber security firm. Anthem has notified employers and other plan sponsors of the attack and advised that it began sending emails directly to members on February 18, 2015 with information about identity protection and credit monitoring services as required by state laws. The materials provided to Anthem clients refer to a website -- www.Anthemfacts.com -- and telephone number 1-877-263-7995 for members to call with questions and learn how to enroll in the free credit monitoring and identity theft repair services. For a full question and answer from Anthem, click here.

US Postal Service Stops Overnight Delivery of Local First Class Mail
Without telling you, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has slowed down the mail. New service standards went into effect on Jan. 5, ending overnight delivery of local first-class mail. The slower delivery schedules mean that the public will now see a delay in the delivery of bill payments, greeting cards, medicines, Netflix DVDs, ballots, newspapers and checks. This cutback of such a basic service is harmful to the public interest. The burden falls particularly on individuals who have the least access to the Internet, especially low-income people or senior citizens who may lack either a computer or the skills to use it. Small businesses will suffer if they are dependent on billing and remittances by mail. Read more

Tell Congress to Stop TPP Fast Track
Trade policies adopted under Fast Track have cost more than 1 million jobs and contributed to the shuttering of more than 60,000 factories. Fast Track ensures that trade policies are made by and for multinational corporations and the wealthy, making income distribution even more unequal and making it harder to get a raise. Fast Track doesn't allow adequate public scrutiny of trade deals while they are being negotiated, and permits only a simple up-or-down vote with no amendments. Here are some other reasons why TPP Fast Track is not good for labor: Read more

Take Action! Text TPP to 877877 or call 888-706-4535 tell Congress to stop Fast Track of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Learn more at www.nysaflcio.org/StopFastTrack

Unions Suffer Latest Defeat in Midwest with Signing of Wisconsin Right-to-Work Law
MADISON, Wis. — For decades, states across the South, Great Plains and Rocky Mountains enacted policies that prevented organized labor from forcing all workers to pay union dues or fees. But the industrial Midwest resisted. Those days are gone. After a wave of Republican victories across the region in 2010, Indiana and hen Michigan enacted so-called right-to-work laws that supporters said strengthened those states economically, but that labor leaders asserted left behind a trail of weakened unions.

For full story from the New York Times, http://nyti.ms/18uZ3Yy

Mayor de Blasio Wants to Know How You Would Make NYC Better
"What's your big idea for the future of New York City? Every four years, New York City updates PlaNYC to make sure that we're building toward a future that's resilient, sustainable, and makes sense for the lives of all New Yorkers. This year, we're making equity a lynchpin of PlaNYC -- and we've made the process more inclusive than ever before. Every New Yorker has a voice in this plan and can participate in building our city's future. What's your vision for New York City in the years and decades to come? Take this survey now to let us know.


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